Maximize Rig uptime

Ensure uninterrupted operations by accelerating troubleshooting times, expediting repairs, and proactively mitigating potential large-scale problems before they occur.


Maintenance innovation deployed in days, not months

Finding new ways of reducing downtime is key to saving money, both for contractor and operator. Our technology supports this goal by identifying potential threats in equipment condition.

Avoid large-scale failures
Support warranty claims
Record operational demands
Extend equipment lifespan
Plan maintenance in advance
Improve business KPIs

Receive real-time maintenance insights and guidance

We combine IoT and AI to provide a turnkey solution with smart sensors, remote access to our Web-App for data analysis, historical information on the condition of each rig, and online support from reliability experts.

"Their early warnings help us schedule maintenance in advance and solve the root cause of issues. Without the follow-up they do, issues would end up in dowtime and major equipment damage."
Eng. N. Suarez
Engineering & Maintenance Manager
Industry 4.0

Take your rig to the next level

IoT Wireless Sensors

Wireless triaxial vibration and temperature sensors to perform online condition monitoring of Top Drives. Designed for drilling operations in remote locations

Operation Monitoring

Capture and document operational requirements during drilling, caused by equipment mishandling or challenging soil formations.

Predictive Analytics

Receive real-time alerts about condition changes in your Top Drives, enabling you to predict anomalies and proactively plan actions.


Online support

Leverage the expertise of our reliability specialists who collaborate closely with site personnel, ensuring optimal utilization of technology for maximum impact.